First one - K, here we go

Yesterday I bought a marketing course. It was frickin’ 90$ and it's called The Complete Digital Marketing course. Yea, I should've known, even the name sounds terrible. Also, it's 23 hours long. Like 5 minutes ago after watching the first two videos I said fuck it. I'm gonna learn this by simply jumping into it. Also, I have an attention span shorter than the life of fidget spinners. Remember that thing, I've never seen anything dumber. They didn’t solve shit. Back to the point.

So I'm starting this 'blog' or whatever, experience and knowledge free. Why the blog? I figured that showing you what we do and why is the most real 'marketing' shit ever and that's the only thing I care about. If I can’t catch your interest by the reality of this project then the project's not interesting enough. Easy, super realistic, honest, and fast feedback.

Anyway, here you'll find the gradual progress of our project. Just generally what we do, where we're at with the app, and maybe where you can contribute if you wanna. I've just finished reading the #showyourwork by Austin Kleon and sounded cool so I'll take some inspiration from that. Btw if you want the book I have one spare now.

The second thing is the back story of Snax. Why do we do this? What's the purpose of this project and how it came to be. The basic info is on the website and if you don't care that's also okay but people care about stories you know Jesus, the Alchemyst, Romeo & Juliet. Stories form the humanity. And here u’ll find the story of Snax.

Bye for now.

Damn a lot more posts in coming. <3

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