The virtual decentralized snacks market for students and by students.

What the fuck?

Yeah, Snax not the polish csgo streamer but an addition to the life of young people. What's the addition? Basically freedom. From now on, you don't have to make snacks for school on your own or worse buy them from some vending machine. You can get a fresh, healthy, and affordable snack from the virtual decentralized market at your school. And whole that in one app (not done yet wip). 

Cut the bullshit

So, at this decentralized virtual market, you're able to buy and sell snacks to/from the others at ur school. Basically, you just login in, enter your school, and bam. Right away you can click a snack you like, order it and the next day it'll be delivered to you by the student who made it (and yeah u gotta pay for the snack, get used to this shit nothing's free). On the other side, if you really wanna engage, you can just add some snacks to your menu. And whenever anybody (from ur school) orders one, you get a notification, then you make the meal and take it with you to school the other day. Done, simply a virtual market of real snacks.

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I got it

But why?

(three main reasons)

Starting a business is fucking hard. And especially for someone like high school students. It gives you so much experience over the others, not just for business people but for everybody. Starting a project will teach you much more than reading a whole library of self-help books. And don't get me wrong reading's awesome but experience is extremely underrated."In this new world, no one knows anything." Casey Neistat

Snax creates this space for you to try businessing on your own before even graduating. You wanna learn the art of marketing or understand the right balance between quality and quantity maybe the how to live in a world of supply & demand, get the feeling of actually providing value and solving real problems, and more. You now have an opportunity to do all that with being a part of our virtual decentralized market called Snax. 

Let's face it, money are cool. But having a part time job as a high school student is not full potential. You get very limited amount of experience and motivation. Now being a part of Snax means you get to manage ur own snack business = shit ton of experience. Your success depends directly on your effort = shit ton of motivation. And by success I mean money. You can have money and still get loads of exp. 


Pls sport, it also gives you a broad range of soft skills

I dunno about you but I wanna live and I'm a huge fan of the explaining everything through evolution. So hunter-gatherers ate fckn everything they saw => diversity and change is the key to a healthy life. Now making healthy food for school which is different for every day = pain in the ass. And buying it from companies also isn't exactly ideal, it gets pricey and they don't have a very broad spectrum of meals. Now at an open and free market the supply exactly meets the demand. Thanks to this wonderful system you can get healthy, diverse and cheap snacks every single goddamn day. 


Pls sport, it also makes you live longer

Here's FAQ even though nobody actually asked

Is the app done?

No, but it's almost done.

Are you gonna support iOS and Android?

Yes, naturally.

Can I help?

Pls, do so and hit me up, or on Twitter @VendelinFilip

How do I pay for snacks?

Currently, you exchange cash for snacks, but in the earliest update, you can pay by card through the app or with special Snax credits. 

Can I order snacks from different schools?

No, every school has its own folder in the database and you can only access snacks from the students at your school. Also, you can't run around different schools to deliver food.

How do you guys make money?

At the moment we don't, but in the future, we'll charge a very small and fair commission to snack makers so they can continue making money and educating themselves with the Snax project. 

Is it only for high school students?

Well no, this virtual market is applicable to any shit like university and maybe some workplaces? We'll see where the journey takes us. <3


What's up?

Just text me if you wanna.
+420 734 696 121

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